Is it possible to create a 5-10 pages simple information website in One day? Yes.

Along with a new Logo? Yes.

Along with content for the website? Yes.

That’s exactly what we did on the last working day of 2021.

This approach is most suitable for startups and small companies working on a fast track mode. 

Work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion.”

– Parkinson’s Law

There are customers who take 2-6 months to decide upon their website..! Of course there are businesses where website styling matters. But most of the common businesses don’t need such artistic treatment when they just want to display business information in a simple way. 

There are 4 critical factors that enable the creation of website in one day
  1. Preparation and planning
  2. Team of professionals
  3. Approach & Mindset
  4. Order of work execution

Here is how you go about building a Logo and website in One day:

Have a short run up discussion with the team, couple of days before the event with a checklist
  • Make sure you have purchased Domain Name, Web Hosting and SSL certificate ahead of the event.
  • Discuss the preferred concept for Logo and a possible reference logo to express the kind of logo you like.
  • What are the business verticals that you would like to highlight on the website?
  • What is the unique selling proposition for each business vertical?
  • Create a sitemap with all the details mentioned above
  • Do not cross 30-40 words on each of the above. This would be an input for copywriter who would further work on your content.
  • Decide the technology to be used for building the website. I recommend WordPress + Elementor or any page builder.

On the day of building the website, you must have the following professionals with you
  • A Web Designer
  • A Graphic Designer
  • A Copywriter (One of the three also acting as a project manager)
  • And of course the final decision maker

Your approach to work needs to be different from usual
  • Remember that you will achieve what is possible in one day and not some fantasy. It is easy to get lost in pursuit of perfection.  Best is the enemy of good. (Of course unless you have set out to make an award winning artistic website.) 
  • Don’t hesitate to take references from other good websites. Look up for good styles and use them if you like. There are hundreds of free themes.
  • When an idea is put to discussion, don’t worry about whose idea it is. Don’t get personal about Ideas. If you discuss for 15 mins and find something reasonable go ahead with it.  
  • Remember: You should write content for your customers and not for search engines. No one comes to your website to do a PhD, so make content short and up to the point. 
  • Thumb rule for content writers:  Effectively project value proposition to drive action. This is better achieved through creative phrases than lengthy notes running into multiple page scrolls.

Order of work is extremely important
  • First Priority is colour palette. Have one primary and at least 2 secondary colours for the brand. There are plenty of internet resources that help you choose good colour options.
  • Handover the colour scheme and logo concept to the graphic designer so that Logo design can proceed in parallel for the next 3-4 hours.
  • Handover the sitemap to the web designer to come up with a basic WordPress website structure. (See them after one hour)
  • It’s time for Copywriter to start writing the content and iteratively review with the decision maker. The copy writer should seek inputs from web designer to get an understanding of the length of text required as per the design.
  • Now come back to the web designer to create a simple wireframe using AdobeXD or any other tool.
  • Review the Logo design and finalise it.
  • Ask the web designer to implement the designs as per the wireframe using Elementor. A simple website should take about 2 hours to finish.
  • Spend about 2 hours max. for final finishing on the website including minor things like Google Analytics integration, Fav icon update, mobile version alignment corrections etc.

What purpose does a Website serve?

A website with information about your offerings is a collateral that should align with the rest of the marketing collateral in messaging and ensure that is is light and informative. 

Website is your official space on the internet where your potential customers may come to know about your business and understand your offerings and value propositions anonymously. It should give them the confidence to reach out to you. Try to achieve it and nothing else.

If you want to build a large website with goals including those of serving current customers through conditional access, this approach will not work. 

For the rest of you, Click here to get your website in One day..!