In the technological arsenal available today, internet is massively ubiquitous and influential. No company that takes its business seriously can turn a blind-eye to this fact. One of the most basic ways in which companies can make use of the internet is through websites.

Here, we provide 20 compelling reasons why you should have a website for your business:

1. Adds credibility: 75% of customers judge a company’s credibility based on its website design. A carefully designed website gives the impression that your company is trustworthy, well-established, and professional to your prospective customers.

2. Increases visibility: With more than 2.4 billion people using the internet every day, the internet is teeming with activity and is perfect to gain global exposure. Your website puts your company on this stage and helps your company receive the spotlight.

3. Customers are on the internet: The market is where the buyers are. 90% of internet users make an online purchase, or contact a company annually. A website provides you the opportunity to tap into the big online market.

4. Online brochure: A website is a great place to talk about your company, and the products and services your company offers. With 60% of people visiting a brand or product website to find relevant information about it, your website can become your company’s most effective spokesperson.

5. Communicate updates: Whether you are introducing new products and/or services, expanding to new regions, or updating your existing offerings, a website is a fast and effective way to ensure that the updates get maximum reachability.

6. Attract new customers: With 60% of people visiting a brand or product website to find relevant information about it before making a purchase, website is a great way to convert such prospects to customers.

7. Testimonials: Your website is a great place to showcase the satisfaction of your past customers to prospective customers, and persuade them to trust your company. Testimonials act as certificates for your promises and reputation.

8. Portfolios and galleries: Your past accomplishments speak volumes about your company’s credibility, and are the most powerful trust-building agents. Your website can host portfolios and galleries which are effective ways of showcasing your accomplishments and capabilities.

9. All around the clock access: The internet never sleeps, and neither can your business. Your website allows you to be always there for your customers, no matter what time zone they are in.

10. Global visibility: Your website puts your company on the global stage, allowing people from any part of the world to get to know your company. In a globalized world, the global visibility that your website provides is crucial to stay competitive and grow your business.

11. Branding: Your company’s website can play a major role in enhancing your brand and making your brand look bigger and more appealing to your customers and prospects.

12. E-commerce: With a revenue of $30 billion in 2016, the booming e-commerce market in India is expected to reach a staggering $120 billion in 2020. An e-commerce website opens up a host of opportunities for your company such as the ability to sell your products 24/7, reach-out to new markets globally, and provide buyer-convenience.

13. Save money: Your website can help you save money by reducing your expenditure on customer support by hosting frequently and commonly needed resources such as FAQs, external links, product information, contact information, and so on. When customers can find information online, your information/help desk receives lesser calls.

14. Improve customer service: Your website can become another channel for your customers and prospects to interact with you. By providing support information like FAQs, product manuals and technical documentation, online resources, and enquiry forms on your website, you can improve the ease of doing business for your customers.

15. Receive feedback: You can use your website to receive feedback from your customers through feedback forms. Feedback is extremely valuable in helping you improve your customer service and in gathering new ideas.

16. email@mywebsite looks professional: Having an email address of your own company will provide you a professional image and makes it easier for your website’s visitors to remember the email address. Your website can also host other additional contact information like social media, other branch phone numbers, etc.

17. Connect via blogs: By incorporating blogs in your websites, you can talk about your expertise, educate customers, and promote your latest offerings. This heavily contributes to your online brand visibility.

18. Social media integration: Your website can convert your company’s social media presence and popularity to business. The prospects who visit your social media spaces can be redirected to your company’s website to make them your customers.

19. Link to apps: If your company has apps built for various mobile platforms, you can provide links to these apps on your website. Your website can help in increasing downloads of these apps and in gaining you a tech-savvy image.

20. Track traffic to assess market share: Your website can help you come up with better business-strategies by helping you assess the traffic on your website. Insights on distribution of traffic across various geographical regions, age groups, hours of the day etc., can be gained through your website.