14 Mar 2018

Kanasu School

I have used services of Oy Media Solutions for a year and have to say that they have done exactly what they said they would do from day 1 at the agreed price.I haven’t had any extra or unexplained bills. I’ve always been able to speak to designer when needed. Sometimes after hours and at the weekends.Their website design service is as good as you will find anywhere for the price paid… Oy Media Solutions have been helpful and don’t keep hassling me with phone calls with updates daily or weekly…. if things are not working they will advise on any changes needed and deal with it. If there are any problems (which have been very few) then they are sorted out on the day, not days or weeks down the line.I have found them great to deal with and very patient.I would like to congratulate Oy Media Solutions on the excellent service provided which has been specified and organised bearing our own particular needs. You are attentive to my needs and prompt in replying to my contact with you.  I have found you have gone beyond your brief at times to try to tailor it to my individual requirements.  You have been a good listening ear and with helpful and accurate advice.Thank you for the help and support, great work and support guys. Well done!!