Google ranks your website based on many parameters such as content language, uniqueness, user-friendliness, relevance to topic, traffic, frequency of updates, bounce rate and many more. Websites that score well overall appear on the top in organic search results.

Our expertise in this domain will help your website receive better visibility on the internet. The various services we offer in this domain are:

  • Website SEO Audit: Auditing involves a thorough inspection of your website with respect to SEO and reporting issues that need to be fixed. Issues such as duplicate content, non-descriptive URLSs (URLs that do not tell anything about the page), bad page title tags and lack of user-friendly navigation are identified and reported.
  • On-page SEO: On-page SEO involves making changes based on the SEO audit. This includes changes to page titles, adding meta tags, headings, content and content organization, and internal link structure.
  • Link development via Content Marketing: This involves developing backlinks (incoming links) to your website from sources external to your website. The backlinks should not be from spam sites, harvested sites, automated sites etc. They should be from genuine and relevant websites to improve your website’s search engine ranking.

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